2018 red 400


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I was really surprised that OEM didn?t outfit car with run flats. I had a blowout this week and find there is no spare, only sealant. You would think at minimum there would some sort of spare. I have talked to many folks with no clear answer so I decided to send note to NISSAN USA CEO. He acknowledged receiving email and plans to respond. I?d like to hear what others on forum currently recommend on tires. Is there a better tire option than the Pontenza tires I described below.
Mr. Swanson,
I found your name on a website after no satisfaction from Infiniti Customer Relations. I explained the situation. They said- I’m sorry for your concern and I can document this. He kept saying did you talk to dealer. If dealer can’t help you all I can do is document. That’s just the way the car was designed.

I purchase a 2018 Q60S RED 400 from Naperville Infiniti. I was made to believe the car comes with run flats, hence no spare and trunk includes sealant equipment. The door indicates no spare so that probably validates run flats. The Tires are Bridgestone Potenza RE97AS P255/35R20. The tires ARE NOT RUN FLATS per Firestone. There is no indication they are on tire (i.e. RFT). Potenza did have this tire as a run flat but it is discontinued. I had to be towed in Knoxville, TN to a dealer and had to purchase the only tire they had in correct size for $300, it was a Potenza but slightly different tread pattern and not a run flat. I figured I would buy a run flat when I got home (for $400). So it looks like this car set up put me in a predicament and sold me a car w/o run flats and/or a spare. The Firestone dealer said it doesn?t make sense that there would be a spare if the tires aren?t run flats. Mr. Swanson, can this possibly be the way this car was designed? This is my second Infiniti and I am a little distressed about this situation. Can you comment on this? I plan to go on some Infiniti forums to see what other RED 400 owners have to say.
So what was the final outcome? You didn't say if you bought the car new or used. Perhaps a previous owner replaced the original RFTs?